Popular music is a dynamic multi-cultural game that is at the same time personal and a mass event. But unlike other games, the rules can always be broken which has led to many styles of popular music: Pop, Adult Contemporary, Rock, Blues, Urban, Electro, Hip Hop, country, Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass, Christian, Gospel, Japanese Pop, Indie Rock, Alternative, Metal, Drums‘n bass, House, FilmScore, R‘n B, Gothic, Brit Pop, World, Jazz, Avantgarde, Noise, Piano Pop, Power Pop, and so much more... But do these styles tell us anything about real dynamism? About a real life? About society? Or are they old-fashioned categories, created by the marketers? Music has always been a transformation of sounds that came before. Style comes from perspectives coming into contact with old perspectives. But what is old and what is new? There is no starting point. So be aware of stylistic purity. It normally just means that something is overripe and ready to be eaten!