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music mirrors life

It reflects how you feel and how you think. Tells you how to connect the two halves of your conscience. Do you love Bach more then Elvis? Or is it a matter of circumstances and setting? Would we be looking into an alternative mirror if we mixed approaches?

music colours life

Does music colour our mood? Do we like the smooth sounds in the air of shopping malls? What about silence? Is silence also music? Do the echos in a church colour us differently than the background music when we are on hold?

music changes life

If we want to change, music is the path. It changes our mind if we open up our ears to the unknown or recombine those sounds already on the air. Leading us to a daily ‘Aha!!...Oh!...like this!!‘ ...and making us travel back to the openness of a child‘s mind.

music pushes life

Nothing is completely new. Newness comes out of a switch in context. This leads our senses to another perspective. Here is where things become exciting. The switch between the well-travelled and the unexpected pushes our creativity. It amazes us and touches us.